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OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Some good news coming out of Ocean Isle Beach this morning.

There is very minor damage to structures such as loss of vinyl siding, minor shingle and roof damage.

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Samsung 8 S7 for 3 Cell Women Fits Navy S8 Phone Real Galaxy Purse Plus 6 Purse Crossbody Small and 7 Crossbody Leather Zg Edge for Layer IPhone 6S Town Administrator Daisy Ivey says they do not see any over wash of the dunes nor overflow of the canals. At present, there is very limited water standing in the streets.

Ivey says as soon as possible they will have crews working to clean up debris on the roadways and restoring water and sewer service. However, Ivey says keep in mind that until power is restored to the island, sewer service cannot be restored.

BEMC has not indicated when power will be restored .

Ivey says that property owners will not be allowed on the island until power, water and sewer service is restored.